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Excellent properties of hot pressed boron nitride ceramic products


Excellent properties of hot pressed boron nitride ceramic products

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Hexagonal boron nitride prepared by hot press sintering and its composite materials have excellent high temperature resistance, resistance to metal melt and slag erosion, high thermal conductivity and high electrical insulation, as well as easy processing and high processing precision ( Up to 0.01mm), low density, lubrication, non-toxic, is an ideal high-temperature thermal insulation material.

Its main performance:

1. High heat resistance: oxidation starts at 900 °C in an oxidizing atmosphere, safely can be used up to 2000 °C under vacuum, and does not soften at 2800 °C in an inert gas; its strength is 1800 °C twice as much as room temperature.

2. High thermal conductivity: the hot-pressed product is 33W/m·k, which is the same as pure iron. Above 530°C, it is the most thermally conductive material in ceramic materials;

3. Low thermal expansion coefficient: The expansion coefficient of 2×10-6 is second only to quartz glass, which is the smallest among ceramics.

4. Excellent electrical properties: good high temperature insulation, 1014 Ω-cm at 25 °C, 103 Ω-cm at 2000 °C, the best high temperature insulation material in ceramics, breakdown voltage is 3KV/mm. Low dielectric loss, 2~5×10-4 at 108Hz, dielectric constant of 4, transparent microwave and infrared;

5. Good corrosion resistance: with general metals (iron, copper, aluminum, lead, etc.), rare earth metals, precious metals, semiconductor materials (silicon, silicon, potassium arsenide,), glass, molten salt (crystal, fluorine) Compound, slag), inorganic acid, alkali do not react;

6. Low friction coefficient: μ is 0.16, and does not increase at high temperature;

7. Machinability: Its hardness is Mohs 2, so it can be processed into high precision parts by general machining methods, and the processing precision can reach 0.01mm.

According to the above properties, boron nitride and its composite materials have many uses in cutting-edge technologies such as electronics, metallurgy, chemical engineering, and aerospace:

1. Utilizing the excellent chemical stability of hexagonal boron nitride ceramics, it can be used as a crucible for evaporating evaporating metals, a boat, a liquid metal delivery tube, a crucible for synthesizing GaAs crystals, a rocket nozzle, a base of a high-power device, a pipe for melting metal, Pump parts, molds for casting steel, etc.;

2. Using the heat and corrosion resistance of hexagonal boron nitride ceramics, it can manufacture high temperature components, rocket combustion chamber lining, heat shield of spacecraft, corrosion resistant parts of magnetic current generators, etc.

3, the use of hexagonal boron nitride ceramic insulation, can be used for high-voltage high-frequency electrical equipment and plasma arc insulators and insulators of various heaters, heating tube casing, high-frequency application of insulation materials for electric furnaces.

4. Utilizing the high insulation and high thermal conductivity of hexagonal boron nitride ceramics, it can be used to make semiconductor component insulation and heat dissipation base plate, transformer filler and high temperature, high frequency and high voltage insulation heat dissipation components;

5. Using the heat resistance, corrosion resistance and insulation of hexagonal boron nitride ceramics, it can be made into high temperature insulating parts of plasma arc and plasma welding tools, thermocouple protection tube of molten metal, separation ring of horizontal continuous casting, etc.

6. Using the characteristics of low frequency loss, the microwave energy transmission window can be made, and the solid diffusion source containing semiconductor is used as the semiconductor.