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Boron nitride insulating ceramic for ultra high temperature furnace


Boron nitride insulating ceramic for ultra high temperature furnace

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Generally, the high-temperature furnace is designed to operate at a temperature higher than 1500 ° C, and has a heating element made of carbon, tungsten or molybdenum inside. According to the design regulations, these heating elements must be electrically insulated from the furnace body using high temperature oxidation ceramics. Oxide ceramics generally have poor thermal shock resistance, are easy to be broken during heating and cooling, shorten the service life, increase the shutdown rate of equipment, bring more requirements and challenges to maintenance work, and also cause time waste. And energy consumption, increase equipment operating costs.

Compared with traditional alumina, the boron nitride insulating ceramic material produced by Pengcheng Tetao has the following excellent properties: excellent thermal shock resistance, ensuring repeated heating and cooling without cracking; high thermal conductivity and improved The temperature control accuracy of the furnace body is more energy-saving; the imported high-temperature boron nitride material is used without any binder, the material has high purity, high density, long service life, low user equipment operating cost, and resistance Excellent high temperature performance, stable in high temperature environment above 2000 °C under the protection of inert atmosphere.

Pengcheng Tetao can process various boron nitride insulating ceramic parts according to customers' needs, such as casings, gaskets, bars, insulating plates, threaded parts, flanges and other precision-machined shaped parts.